Show, Shift, Shape

Welcome to the letter “S” in my blog LGBTQ Resources: A-Z. Show, Shift, Shape are the three words I am using to support my TEDx talk on February 13th, 2020. Shameless plug, sorry! Here’s the link:

February 13, 2020

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Lisa’s TEDx talk in Plymouth, WI satrts at 7pm CST

Soooooooo, here are three ways you can become an even better ally. Allies Save Lives by Showing you are an ally. SHOW you are an ally by wearing a rainbow ribbon, displaying a rainbow sticker or exhibit your allyship with a rainbow pin. Why is a rainbow so important? Thanks for asking! A rainbow symbolizes safety, family and hope to those of us in the LGBTQ population. Thank you, Gilbert Baker!

SHIFTING mindsets and perceptions is a Second way to SHOW you are an Ally. Let’s talk about being an ally for a Second. I want to believe that most everyone is an ally or truly wants to be an ally. When ally is spelled starting with a small “a,” it states you are somone who could be an associate, a friend, or a colleague. A small “a” ally might hear a homophobic joke, and, even though deep in their soul it’s not a nice joke, a small “a” ally might not say anything. What if we were to SHIFT that small “a” ally to an “A” Ally? Let’s take that homophobic joke example and see what an “A” Ally would do. SHIFTING mindsets and behaviors, an “A” Ally will say something about the homophobic joke. An “A” Ally might say, “not cool” or “knock it off” to the person telling the joke. When others witness this, their mindsets and perceptions SHIFT. My hope is that SHIFT will help up in SHAPING inclusive policies and procedures.

SHAPING policies and procedures is not always a simple stint (had to use an “s” there). Seeing yourself enumerated (listed) out in policies is something I find extremly important. When I was searching for a school counseling position, I looked at the district’s policies to see if sexual orientation was listed as a protected class and if they had any policies protecting students not identifying with the popular culture. I continue to use this technique in my daily life regarding where I spend my money, volunteer my time, and share my talents.

In my TEDx talk, I share my SHIFT brought about by a seventh grade student. Because of that student and another family in our district, we were able to advocate for more inclusive policies regarding pupil non-discrimination. I certainly could not have done it solo. We became the Seventh (can’t make that “s” up) district in the state of Wisconsin to have such inclusive policies. It was a big win!

By reading this article, you are truly an ALLY, dare I say an

“A”LLY? Thank you for continuing to SHOW your allyship. Thank you for continuing to SHIFT mindsets and perceptions, so that we can start SHAPING some new policies and procedures for the LGBTQ community.

Sincerely, (see what I did there?)

~Lisa from Wisconsin (Lady Rainbow)

Published by Lisa Koenecke

An award-winning motivational speaker looking to help you succeed! Lisa is a proven collaborative leader and systems change advocate. She grew up on a farm and spent 20 summers as a camp director for both the YMCA and the Girl Scouts. After receiving her master's degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, she has been a middle and high school counselor for 12 years. She is the Past President of the Wisconsin School Counselor Association and has served on the American School Counselor Association Board of Directors. Currently, Lisa is an Adjunct Instructor at Lakeland University training the next generation of counselors.

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