safe “Z”ONE project training

Zo, here we are at the letter “Z” in our LGBTQ+ Resources A-Z, or as the say in Australia, Zed. I had Zero chance to pull off a Zippy title for this final article, zo, let’s just get on with this wonderful resource!

At each school I worked at, I displayed a Safe Zone sticker in my office. There was always a rainbow on the sticker as a symbol to the LGBTQ+ community that I was a safe person and that my office was a safe place/Zone. My first Safe Zone stickers came from GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) and I also wanted to make you aware of the Safe Zone Project and their free resources.

Right from their website: The Safe Zone Project (SZP) is a free online resource providing curriculaactivities, and other resources for educators facilitating Safe Zone trainings (sexuality, gender, and LGBTQ+ education sessions), and learners who are hoping to explore these concepts on their own. Co-created by Meg Bolger and Sam Killermann in 2013, the SZP has become the go-to resource for anyone looking to add some Safe Zone to their life.

Check out even more from their website: FREE, uncopyrighted, a gift!

All of the material on The Safe Zone Project are offered in the spirit of the gift: this means there are no paywalls, everything is freely accessible, and even uncopyrighted.

You can read more about what uncopyright means if your curious or confused, but it’s literally what you probably think it means: releasing our copyright on our creative works. It means you can use these materials however you’d like, whenever you’d like, and with whomever you’d like; you can change them, make them your own, and that’s all good with us. In fact, it’s encouraged!

If you want to share back some of those insightful tweaks, alterations, or new ideas with us, we’d love that! Check out our help page to additional ways to contribute and join The Safe Zone Project team.

The Safe Zone Project has articles, FAQs, activities, and courses for learners. I think I counted a Zillion different free resources. Zust kidding, but zeriously, zey have lotZ.

My heart is full as I write this last article. My hope is that you will be an ally who saves lives! Please remember to SHOW, SHIFT and SHAPE your small “a” allyship to a capital “A” Allyship!

~Lisa Koenecke (Lady Rainbow) YOUR Inclusion Ally!

Published by Lisa Koenecke

An award-winning motivational speaker looking to help you succeed! Lisa is a proven collaborative leader and systems change advocate. She grew up on a farm and spent 20 summers as a camp director for both the YMCA and the Girl Scouts. After receiving her master's degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, she has been a middle and high school counselor for 12 years. She is the Past President of the Wisconsin School Counselor Association and has served on the American School Counselor Association Board of Directors. Currently, Lisa is an Adjunct Instructor at Lakeland University training the next generation of counselors.

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