Show, Shift, Shape

Welcome to the letter “S” in my blog LGBTQ Resources: A-Z. Show, Shift, Shape are the three words I am using to support my TEDx talk on February 13th, 2020. Shameless plug, sorry! Here’s the link: February 13, 2020 6 Revisions Event Description Time Watch / Listen / Stats TED TALKSAudio commentary will notContinue reading “Show, Shift, Shape”

Non-binary, Non-conforming & gender Neutral bathrooms

Welcome to the letter “N” in this week’s edition of my LGBTQ blog. These are terms you might have heard, if not, you will. Let’s nudge our way into the definitions…ha ha, that Never gets old! NEVER! How many of you have ever gone through a drive-thru at a fast food restaurant? I loved takingContinue reading “Non-binary, Non-conforming & gender Neutral bathrooms”

Let’s Explore the Letter “K!” Oh, and Koenecke is my last name…it starts with “K.”😊

This week’s blog will not be a long one, but rather paying homage to Kevin Jennings who founded the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN). Oh, and he was a school counselor! YEP, that’s right, a school counselor. He is just one of the famous LGBTQ+ activists we can learn about during this month, OH,Continue reading “Let’s Explore the Letter “K!” Oh, and Koenecke is my last name…it starts with “K.”😊”

Knational Coming OUT Day & KCNN Equality Debate

Originally posted on Lisa A. Koenecke:
You might have noticed the title includes the letter “K.” Knope, Knot a typo, just letting you know that this week’s blog is meant to be brought to you by the letter “K,” but there were other more important messages to share. October 11th every year is National Coming…